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Examination Results

School Performance

Bryntirion is a friendly, forward thinking and innovative school with a real desire to improve outcomes for young people.  Relationships are strong within school and the community ethos permeates through all activities.  The development of responsible, mature and well rounded individuals is important for us.

Following a successful Estyn inspection in 2011 when the judgements were ‘Good’ for Outcomes and ‘Good’ for Prospects for Improvement, the school has continued on an improvement journey.  The whole school results outlined below indicate a transformation in the raising of standards at Bryntirion.  We are very proud to report record breaking results in every performance indicator.  These are outlined below:

Key Stage 4

There has been a significant improvement across Key Stage 4, with results now placing Bryntirion in position 1 within the family of schools for all indicators.  This includes an 29.1% increase in the Level 2 threshold including English and Maths since 2011 and a 34% improvement in the Level 2 threshold since 2013.  

Bryntirion Level 2+

Bryntirion Level 2+



Key stage 4

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