School Aims and Ethos

School Aims and Ethos

'Dysgwn sut i fyw' - We Learn How to Live

Our purpose is to prepare our students for life in the 21st Century.  In doing so they will become:

  • Flexible in their thinking and able to adapt to a rapidly changing society;

  • Independent in their learning and highly effective in their communication;

  • Inspired with enthusiasm for continued learning and eager to succeed.


Our intent is to actively promote continuing learning throughout the whole school community, in which:

  • Happiness and high self esteem are developed by recognising success;

  • Change is welcomed and fully embraced;

  • All demonstrate the conviction that the school is infinitely improvable;

  • The role of parents in developing learning is explicit, recognised and valued;

  • Technology is used to develop limitless thinking.


Our vision is that as a school community:

  • We will develop a passion for learning rather than an acquisition of knowledge;

  • We will develop the desire and aptitude to be inquiring, willing to test and hypothesise and to take risks;

  • We will become creative problem solvers and effective decision makers;

  • We will develop high levels of communication skills.


We will achieve this by defining our role as:

  • Inspiring students with curiosity by our example;

  • Developing in our students the capacity to ask questions rather than providing answers;

  • Recognising and celebrating the achievement of all students;

  • Identifying and maximising the full potential of our students.