Thank you for completing our recent survey regarding our pupils’ return to school this term.  Almost 90% of parents responded and we are very grateful for all the messages of support we have received from parents during this challenging time.  In the last week we have been busy making more detailed arrangements to welcome back our pupils from June 29th, and are pleased to share the following details with you so that you can make a more informed final decision about whether or not you would like your child to return to Bryntirion this term. 

We are looking forward to seeing our pupils once again and I would like to reassure you that the safety of our school community is our highest priority.  In consultation with the local authority, we have carried out a robust risk assessment process for staff, pupils, the site and resources.  We are now implementing a range of strategies specific to our school setting to minimise these risks, as far as practically possible.

For the limited time that our pupils will be with us this term, we will be following the BCBC and Welsh Assembly Guidance outlined in the ‘Check in, Catch Up, Prepare for summer and September’ document published last week.  This means that the school day and experience for learners will be rather different from that which they are used to, as outlined in my last letter to you. I am now able to confirm that:

  • Pupils will be screened on arrival with a series of questions associated with Covid-19
  • Pupils will be allocated a time to begin their school day in their ‘bubble’ group: this will be either 8.30, 8.45, 9.00 or 9:15am.They will finish correspondingly at 2:00, 2.15, 2.30 or 2.45pm.Morning break has been shortened to 15 minutes and the lunch break to 30 minutes. All pupils in Bridgend will be invited to attend their school on 2 occasions during this summer period. Specific details of allocated days at Bryntirion will be communicated as soon as possible next week.Unfortunately, we will not be able take requests for specific days or common days for siblings due to the logistics involved.
  • Pupils will be met at the school gates and will be directed to enter the school for initial registration via the sports hall fire escape doors.They will be greeted by their designated teacher, taken to wash their hands and escorted to their designated classroom.Movement around the school will be restricted and clearly signposted.
  • Upon arrival at their form base pupils should sit at their designated desk. ICT equipment and resources will be provided for them. Pupils will not need to bring anything to school except a snack and drink for breaktime and possibly a packed lunch (see form).These should be brought in a clean and easily washed bag.
  • Break and lunch times will be staggered, according to the start time of the ‘bubble’.
  • Throughout the day pupils will take part in wellbeing activities, discussions, exercise and a themed, cross curricular project. Specific subject disciplines will not be delivered during this period except in year 12. Distance learning plans for the remainder of the term will be connected to this cross curricular project, which will also provide the groundwork for some Welsh Baccalaureate work for year 9 and 10 pupils.
  • Pupils will not be permitted to leave the school site during the day, including at lunchtime.
  • Pupils should wear appropriate, practical, easily washable clothes suitable for physical activity.No cropped tops, hot pants or skimpy tops thank you.
  • Pupils will be escorted off the premises at the end of the school day.No one is allowed to stay on the premises after their allotted time.
  • No visitors (or parents) are allowed on the school site during the school day.
  • Pupils should only be sent to school if they are in perfect physical health.Although we are proud of our excellent attendance at Bryntirion and we normally encourage children (and staff!) to ‘soldier on’, we don’t want anyone attending for this limited time if they are the slightest bit unwell.
  • If, when on the school premises, a pupil feels unwell, especially if they feel they are suffering from a high temperature, a new or continuous cough or loss/change in taste or smell, they must immediately inform a member of staff observing social distancing practices.

All pupils will be expected to:

  • Arrive on time.
  • Wash and dry their hands/use the hand sanitiser provided, in the designated location.
  • Move to their designated classroom with their teacher, observing social distancing at all times.
  • Stay with their bubble groups during the day.
  • Follow strict personal hygiene guidelines; hand sanitiser will be available in all rooms.
  • Adhere to the 2m social distance rule at all times, including break and lunch.
  • Follow the schools Code of Conduct to ‘Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe’ in order to ‘Be Bryntirion’

We are proud of the community spirit at Bryntirion, but if anyone does not follow these health and safety guidelines, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their children from school immediately.  Under the special circumstances, we will be guided by the need to keep everyone safe.

Please discuss the points above with your children and complete the form (link below) by 5pm Sunday 21st June 2020 to indicate whether your child will now be returning to school on their allocated day (to be communicated separately).  If you tick ‘yes’ you will be agreeing to the expectations stated above.  If you do not feel comfortable sending your child into school then I would like to reassure you there is no consequence for this.  We will advise you of your child’s allocated days as soon as possible next week.

We would like to thank you once again for your understanding and encouragement; Bryntirion Comprehensive is truly a community and we are all working to support each other in these unusual and challenging times.