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It has come to our attention that a number of pupils have purchased new black school skirts ready for September which do not conform to our published guidelines and will not be appropriate for our school when our new policy comes into effect on September 4th 2019. 

We would appreciate your support in ensuring that students are appropriately dressed in suitable school uniform at the start of term. I would like to draw your attention to the new uniform policy which states that “skirts should not be too tight or short. The skirt should be approximately knee length”. Whilst we will take a realistic and practical approach to this, and we recognise that it can be difficult to source precisely knee length skirts, our guideline is that the hemline of the skirt should be no more than 10cm above the knee.

If pupils return to school in September wearing items of clothing that do not conform with our uniform policy we will contact you in order to request the provision of alternative items of clothing. We want to avoid this situation in advance, and would therefore be grateful for your attention in consulting the attached uniform guidelines which clearly sets out school requirements.

As a school we strongly believe that standards need to be maintained in our uniform and that when pupils are dressed smartly and appropriately it puts them in the right frame of mind for positive learning experiences  We value your support in upholding our high standards and expectations and look forward to welcoming all of our pupils back in September looking smart and ready to learn.   

Thank you in anticipation for your support.

Mr Pawar