Croeso I Adran y Gymraeg


Welsh is a growing, dynamic language, which is increasingly required by employers. Under the Welsh Language Act, local authorities have to provide services through the medium of Welsh. This increased demand for bilingualism has opened up exciting careers in many fields, including commerce, tourism, journalism and the media.

We have a proud history of excellent pupil progress and students consistency demonstrate a positive enthusiasm for the subject. Our departmental aims are: -

  • To make pupils aware of the extensive use of the Welsh language outside the classroom.
  • To stimulate and foster an interest in the enjoyment of Welsh.
  • To develop confidence in the use of Welsh in the three skill areas – reading, writing and oracy.
  • To provide pupils with a rich (bilingual) experience in preparation for modern society.


Key Stage 3

The Welsh language is one of the treasures of Wales. It is part of what defines us as people and as a nation.

Welsh is taught at Key Stage 3 following National Curriculum guidelines.

Year 7

  • Transition unit of work to build on and develop work done in Key Stage 2.
  • A detailed study of the present tense, nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Year 8

  • A detailed study of the past tense, nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Throughout each unit of work at Key Stage 3, pupils will receive regular homework. Formal assessments are held three times a year focusing on oracy, reading and writing skills.

Extra Curricular activities

  • Year 7 and 8 pupils have the opportunity to attend the Urdd residential centre at Llangrannog.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to take part in the many on and off stage competitions in the annual School Eisteddfod.
  • Key Stage 3 pupils have a unique opportunity to work with our feeder primary schools in our annual Cymanfa Ganu.

Useful Websites - -

Useful apps:

Ap Geiriaduron - Dreigiau Dinas Emrys - Gêm Anagramau Ail Iaith - Gêm Sillafu Ail Iaith

Key Stage 4 

To have another language is to possess a second soul.' (Charlemange)

Today, the ability to use Welsh is a sought after skill by many employers. The Welsh Language Act and the Welsh Government's 'Un iaith i bawb' policy have resulted in organisations actively seeking candidates with a working knowledge of Welsh. Education is central to that vision and digital technologies will be central to the vision within education, helping workplaces become bilingual and supporting social use.

Course Content

Welsh GCSE is considered to be a very important requirement in the job market and the course is, therefore, designed to be relevant and purposeful both in terms of modern society within Wales as well as vocational situations.

Assessment - 4 units of study:
Unit 1 – Pair/group speaking exam 25%
Unit 2 – Pair/group speaking exam 25%
Unit 3 – Reading and Writing exam 25%
Unit 4 – Reading and Writing exam 25%

Extra Curriculuar opportunities

  • Pupils will have the opportunity to attend the Urdd residential centre at Glan-llyn.

  • Key Stage 4 pupils work with our feeder primary schools in our annual Cymanfa Ganu.

Key Stage 5

The Welsh language, the oldest living language in Europe, underpins the very fabric of our nation. Our culture, history and society owes its identity to the language. There is no doubt that the ability to speak Welsh is an increasingly sought after asset in Wales.

Would you like to speak Welsh fluently?

Why not consider Welsh as one of your AS or A level subjects?

What are the advantages of speaking Welsh?

  • It enriches identity

  • It improves communication skills

  • It enhances job opportunities

  • It demonstrates enhanced stage cognitive skills

Course Content

The AS and A Level in Welsh Second Language encourages learners to:

  • Study Welsh with interest, enjoyment and enthusiasm
  • Communicate correctly and fluently both orally and in writing within a wide range of situations and contexts

Play an appropriate role in a bilingual society at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

AS level

Unit 1 – A study of the Welsh film Patagonia.
Unit 2 – A project of your own choice on an aspect of Wales.
Unit 3 – The use of Language and Poetry.

A level

Unit 4 – A study of the play ‘Crash' and Welsh media.
Unit 5 – The Welsh language in society, looking at the language today and various parts of modern Welsh history.
Unit 6 – Short stories and the use of language.


Units 1 and 4 - Oral examination

Unit 2 - Coursework
Units 3, 5 and 6 - Written examination

Extra Curricular opportunities

  • Pupils will have the opportunity to attend the Urdd residential centres at Llangrannog and Glan-llyn as young leaders.
  • AS pupils are encouraged to play a leading role in the School Eisteddfod.

    Pupils will develop their understanding of culture, the arts and media in Wales by attending various theatre and television productions.

  • Key Stage 5 pupils work with our feeder primary schools in our annual Cymanfa Ganu.


The study of Welsh can be combined with almost any subject at university level, and knowledge of the language will make you more employable in all areas of work in Wales, as a result of the Welsh Language Act. In Wales, the ability to communicate in Welsh as well as English offers a significant advantage to graduates seeking employment. Research has shown that graduates with bilingual skills have the potential to earn a salary that is up to 10% higher than non-bilingual employees.