School Rules


The aim of school discipline is to establish the well-ordered and supportive atmosphere mentioned above, thereby helping each pupil to achieve maturity, self-discipline and self-control.  At all times sensible and considerate behaviour is encouraged.  School rules are intended to ensure this and thus our belief that courtesy, good manners and consideration for others are important qualities to develop.  The full co-operation of parents is expected in all matters affecting school rules and particularly in so far as they affect regular attendance, uniform, attitude and behaviour.  When parents support the authority of the school, indiscipline can be reduced and academic and other forms of achievement enhanced.  Sanctions which are applied include verbal reprimands, written impositions, detention, individual and class “reports”, withdrawal from lesson[s], interviews with parents, internal exclusion, external exclusion and referral of the problem to the Pupil Services Department, Bridgend County Borough Council.  Where exclusion is used, this sanction is taken in accordance with the National Assembly for Wales’ Circular 001/2004.  N.B. When detention is used for “disciplinary purposes” a day’s written notice will be given, it is the pupil’s responsibility to inform the parent of the detention. 

Attendance at School

Once a child has been enrolled at the school, it is the legal responsibility of the parents to make sure that their child attends school regularly, punctually, refreshed, correctly dressed and ready to work.  Pupils arriving late, i.e. after 8.40 a.m. must report to the school office to sign in late.  

Absence from School

Parents must telephone the school on the first day of absence.  On returning to school the pupils should provide his/her form tutor with a dated absence note explaining the reason for the absence.  The Education Welfare Officer will automatically check unexplained absences.  Less than 92% attendance is now automatically checked by the Education Welfare Officer.  Where no absence note is received the absence will be recorded as Unauthorised. 

Illness at School

Any pupil feeling unwell at school should report to a member of staff, who will then refer him/her to the Head of Year.  Every effort is made to look after the pupil in school whenever possible, and if it is deemed to be necessary, parents or persons nominated by them, are contacted.  For this reason it is important to provide the school with the telephone number of these persons.  Pupils should not contact a parent directly using their mobile phone, they must see a member of staff.  Pupils may not leave the school premises without permission.  Parents are also asked to inform the school of any serious or recurring medical problem.  A pupil’s attitude and performance in school can be affected by factors other than illness, e.g. a family upset or change in family circumstances.  It would be helpful if the Head of Year or a senior member of staff could be informed, in confidence, of such factors. 

Hair and General Appearance

Parents are expected to encourage pupils to observe acceptable standards in dress and appearance.  Hair should be a sensible length, style and colour.  Vision must not be impeded by hair.  Make-up must not be worn in school, and neither should hair cosmetics be used, especially in the Science Laboratories and Technology Workshops. 


The only jewellery which may be worn in school is one small plain stud in the lobe of each ear.  Pupils are not allowed to wear any other form of body jewellery in the interests of their own health and safety.  

Forbidden Items

In the interest of safety and well-being of pupils, the following items must not be brought to school:-  skateboards, radios, iPods, games, chewing gum, smoking material, felt pens, aerosols, knives, screwdrivers, pliers, laser pointing devices and other potentially legally banned substances. 

Mobile Phones

It is strongly recommended that mobile phones be left at home.  Under no circumstances should mobile phones be used in lessons and it is strictly forbidden that image capturing devices should be used in school.  The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage to such equipment. 


It should be clearly understood that all items of personal property are brought on to the school premises at the owner’s risk.  The school cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred and no claims for reimbursement for any losses sustained will be entertained. 

Outline of the School Rules

1. Pupils must not engage in any action, inside or outside school, in or out of school hours, which might bring the name of Bryntirion Comprehensive School into disrepute.  Sensible and considerate behaviour is essential at all times including travelling to and from school. 

2. Pupils must arrive in school between 8.35 - 8.40 a.m. in the morning.  If late for registration pupils must report to the school office to get a late mark. 

3. Pupils must not leave the premises during the morning or afternoon session without permission.  Permission should be obtained from a Head of Year immediately before or during morning registration.  Requests for leave of absence are also dealt with at these times.  Explanatory notes from parents or appointment cards are necessary. 

4. Pupils are to be correctly dressed in school uniform during school hours.  For reasons of security and safety jewellery must be removed for P.E. and Games.  The only jewellery allowed is a plain stud in each ear.  No facial jewellery or any form of body jewellery is allowed.  Make-up is not to be used.  Hair should be a sensible length, style and colour and must not impede vision.  Hair lacquer, gel and chemicals which colour the hair should not be used by pupils for Health & Safety reasons in the school. 

5. In the interest of health and safety pupils must not bring the following items on to the school premises:-  skateboards, knives, matches, lighters, cigarettes, other legally banned substances, radios, i-Pods, games, chewing gum, felt pens, aerosols, screw-drivers, pliers, laser pointing devices and any potentially dangerous articles or materials. 

6. On returning to school after an absence, pupils are expected to bring a dated absence note explaining the reason for absence and written by a parent.  When a pupil is away for more than five days, a note should be sent or posted to school.  Unexplained absences of more than five days will be automatically checked by the Education Welfare Officer.  The whole school target for attendance is 97%. 

7. Pupils should take to every lesson a bag containing a pen, notebook, pencil, ruler and the appropriate books.  Exercise books and text books are provided by the school.  Pupils are expected to take care of them by covering them, not removing any pages and by not defacing them in any way.  Books loaned to pupils must be returned at the appropriate time.

The need for sensible and considerate behaviour leads to the following simple rules:- 

  1. General Behaviour: 
  • Pupils must walk briskly and quietly, in single file, keeping to the left.
  • Pupils must help to keep rooms, corridors and the school clear of litter by using the bins    provided.
  • Pupils must respect school property - do not damage or deface school property.
  • Pupils must not interfere with electrical appliances, apparatus in workshops and laboratories, fire appliances or machinery of any kind.
  • Teaching rooms are not to be used unless there is a member of staff present.
  • Cycling or the use of skateboards in the school grounds is forbidden. 
  1. Classroom Behaviour:
  • Pupils must arrive punctually for lessons.
  • Pupils must line up outside a classroom until told to enter.  Under no circumstances are pupils to be in the swimming pool, sports hall, laboratories or craft rooms unless the appropriate member of staff is present.
  • Pupils are expected to be attentive in class, to take an active part in the lesson and not to indulge in disruptive behaviour of any kind.  
  1. Areas Out of Bounds:
  • Car park, except for designated users.
  • Youth Wing, except for Years 12 and 13.
  • Other areas of the school at the discretion of the Headteacher.
  • School grounds and buildings after 3.15 p.m. unless supervised by a member of staff.
  • Private properties bordering the school grounds.  
  1. Student Car Parking on School Premises:
  • Sixth Form students are not permitted to park on the school premises