Welcome to the Health and Social Care Department

Health & Social Care is a subject which places emphasis on developing transferable skills, such as research, analysis and evaluation, as well as academic achievement.  With the demographics in the UK changing rapidly and the population living longer, the health and social care sectors will experience huge growth over the next few years.

Health and Social Care lends itself to many different career paths, including, nursing, midwifery, early years, teaching, psychology, social work, occupational therapy, care of individuals with specific needs, health promotion and many others.

Our department aims are:

  • To provide our students with knowledge and skills to help them investigate and understand the range of all health and social care sectors
  • To develop learners' ability to contribute positively to good practice in a health and social care environment through effective use and combination of the knowledge and skills gained in different parts of the course
  • To motivate individuals to progress onto further or higher education courses associated within a related health and social care sector

Key Stage 4

Unit 1 Human growth, development and well being

In this unit learners will gain knowledge and understanding of human development across the life cycle and the ways in which this may be affected; how individuals can take control of their care and health and well-being; and how early intervention and prevention can support growth and development of individuals.

This is an externally assessed unit and will count towards 40% of the overall grade (A* - U) achieved at the end of year 11. The exam is one hour and 30 minutes long and is not tiered.

The key areas of study are:

  • Human development

  • Physical, intellectual, emotional and social development

  • The importance of active participation on our development

  • Early interventions to promote positive growth and development

Unit 2 Promoting and maintaining health and well being

In this unit learners will gain knowledge and understanding of the range of health and social care, and childcare services provided in Wales and how these services promote and maintain the health and well-being of the nation.

The key areas of study are:

  • The different sectors of health, social and childcare provision in Wales

  • Public health and health promotion across the life cycle

  • Factors that affect health and well-being across the life cycle

The coursework is internally assessed and externally moderated. The course work is controlled throughout. It is worth 60% of overall grade (graded A* - U) achieved at the end of year 11. Students will be given a total write up time of 25 hours – this doesn’t include research time. A good standard of literacy and facilities to conduct and complete research is required. The will be one attempt in completing the course work.

Key Stage 5

Health and Social Care and Childcare will equip you with through and in-depth knowledge, understanding and skills related to the development and care of the individual throughout the life span from conception to later adulthood. You have the opportunity to devlop your understanding of influence on human growth, development, behaviour and well-being. You will also gain detailed understanding of the social, physical and emotional and cultural needs of people who use care and support services.