Welcome to the Learning Support Department

Bryntirion Comprehensive School has a tradition of providing a caring and secure environment for all pupils and has the necessary expertise in supplying specialist support for pupils with Additional Learning Needs.

The School takes pride in its breadth of provision for Additional Learning Needs and there is a resource base for pupils with communication difficulties.

Our departmental aims are:

  1. To help each student realise his/her potential
  2. To develop, in the school, a caring community, exercising concern and respect for the welfare of others and emphasising the importance of good human relationships.
  3. To develop a curriculum which is flexible, relevant and meaningful to the children at different  ages and stages and which will be responsive to their  needs and interests as well as to the ever changing demands of employers, examining bodies and society.
  4. To encourage a positive and active attitude to study and a conception of learning as a life – long process.
  5. To encourage the students to take an active part in the running of their community.
  6. To encourage parents, governors, advisory colleagues and other outside bodies to co-operate with the staff of the school in attaining these aims.

We aim to ensure the school’s inclusion policy is implemented consistently by all staff. We recognise,  value and celebrate pupil achievement.


The ALNCo visits primary  schools at the end of the Summer Term to liaise with staff and to meet pupils with Additional Learning Needs. Documentation on individual pupils is transferred and any special needs are noted and records, including IAP’S, are passed to the ALNCo. The ALNCo also tests all primary pupils using standardised spelling and reading tests and then decides which pupils are to receive extra support as part of a target group. These pupils are in addition to those highlighted by the primary ALNCo.

Additional Learning Needs register and Individual Action Plans

All pupils with a specific diagnosis are placed on a register which along with Individual Action Plans are available for all staff. Parents also receive a copy of the plan and are invited to contribute to targets etc .Reviews of pupils’ progress are held regularly.


Depending on level of need and diagnosis some pupils require in-class support whereas others access withdrawal support for needs such as Dyslexia, Speech and Language and communication difficulties.

Staff Development

Supporting pupils with a range of Additional  Educational needs involves a whole school approach. The Development Plan, for the Additional  Needs department, includes the raising of staff awareness as a target. Regular in-house training is provided by the ALNCo and delivered as part of a rolling programme. Staff are also given advice sheets and strategies on specific needs and how to deal with them in a classroom situation. Training needs  are identified and determined by the requirement of staff or individual departments e.g. Basic Skills including handwriting, reading,  spelling, behavioural strategies, differentiation of materials,  information on Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, AD/HD , ASD,  and the Code of Practice etc.