It is such a pleasure to have welcomed our pupils back to school over the course of the past two weeks. It is so lovely to see them! The vast majority have been happy to have been reunited with their teachers and friends, and are looking forward to returning to school on a full time basis in April. As you are aware, our initial focus has been on-site provision for those groups in examination years, with the opportunity for a ‘check-in’ made available to all children in other year groups. Attendance has been excellent throughout.

In line with local authority expectations, we look forward to welcoming all pupils back to school on Monday 12th April.

The existing operational guidance still applies, the key points of which are set out in my letter to parents dated March 9th 2021. This letter is available in the ‘Parents’ section on the school website for ease of reference.

We have been advised that the remaining INSET days for the summer term may be used by schools to undertake professional learning around assessment and the ‘Centre Determined Grades’ process. The INSET Day planned for Monday 12th April will therefore be moved to Monday 7th June.

 I can confirm the INSET days for the rest of the academic year as follows:

  1. Monday 7th June
  2. Friday 18th June
  3. Monday 19th July
  4. Tuesday 20th July

As we return to the normal routine of school life, we will also be returning to high standards in terms of uniform. We have tried to take a flexible and understanding approach in these first few weeks as we appreciate the challenges posed by growing children and limited shopping opportunities. However, we expect all pupils to be correctly attired, including appropriate footwear and hair colour as outlined in our school policy, when we return after Easter. 

As we approach the end of another extraordinary term, I would like to thank all parents for your tremendous support over the last few months. This week has been a time of reflection, and we have been able to reflect upon the remarkable collective effort of staff, parents and pupils working in partnership throughout this period. This situation has certainly been a challenge for us all, and we are deeply grateful for your patience and understanding.

Whilst we know that there will be further challenges ahead, we look forward to the Summer term with renewed hope and great optimism for our students, our school and the wider community of Bryntirion.

I wish you all a happy Easter holiday.