Update 03/03/21

This morning we received the welcome news that secondary schools will begin to reopen from Monday 15th March. The Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, has confirmed that we will be able to welcome back pupils in exam years, as well as providing flexibility for those in years 10 and 12 to return for some face to face learning in school. The main focus before Easter will continue to be on pupils who are undertaking qualifications, especially those in Years 11 and 13, and those studying practical vocational qualifications.

We are also planning to provide pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 with the opportunity of time in school before Easter. Whilst this would not be a full return to school, it will enable all pupils to ‘check-in’ with some of their teachers, with an emphasis on support for wellbeing and a readiness for a full return to school after Easter. Remote learning will continue during this period when learners are not on site. The childcare hub will continue to operate until Easter.

We will now review our risk assessments and procedures to ensure that we are fully in line with Welsh Government operational guidance in order to secure a safe environment for your child’s return to school.

We will continue with our ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ next week (March 10th) as planned, following the same format as our previous day on February 3rd. We hope pupils will use this opportunity to take part in some physical activities as well as baking, reading, meditation and the other wide variety of activities they chose last time. They can alternatively use the time to consolidate and catch up on any work they have not had time to complete. March 10th will also be a Key Stage 5 ‘Options Day’ for Year 11. For those considering returning to school there will be a live assembly with myself, Mr Beard (Deputy Head) and Mrs Allinson (Head of Sixth Form) at 10am to outline the options process, then pupils will have the day to view informative videos from each department and think about their option subject choices. Sixth form option choices will need to be submitted by March 20th .

Arrangements for assessments to inform the CDGs (Centre Determined Grades) for this summer's exam year groups have recently been made available by the WJEC. Heads of Departments and subject teams are using these to plan the next steps in our teaching, learning and assessment programme. We are taking great care with these plans to manage the workload of all students and to ensure everyone has the opportunity to achieve their best, with opportunities to evidence their skills, knowledge and understanding. We are expecting to receive a final assessment framework from Qualifications Wales by the end of this week. This will set out timelines, deadlines and other important information related to the quality assurance process. WJEC will be sharing resources for schools to use by March 15th . Once these plans have been finalised we will share them with students and with parents/carers.

Please note that there has been a change in dates announced for GCSE and AS/A Level results days: AS/A Level results will now be released on 10th August 2021 and GCSE results on 12th August 2021.

We are busily preparing plans for the final two weeks of term, and will confirm these arrangements with you over the next few days.

We are absolutely thrilled that we can at last welcome our pupils back to school and look forward with great anticipation to seeing them again.