YEARS 12 & 13 / BLYNYDDOEDD 12 & 13

At the end of this academic year our Year 11 students are faced with making a number of important decisions regarding their future. What they decide depends on several factors, including their hopes and parents' wishes, and the degree of success gained in examinations taken to date.

The options available to our students include; returning to Sixth Form; pursuing a course at a college of further education; leaving full time education to enter the world of work, or entering the world of training. This brochure concentrates on the first of these routes i.e. returning to Sixth Form at Bryntirion.

Bryntirion offers students a wide range of educational opportunities in a caring and supportive environment. We aim to provide fully for an individual student’s needs and offer an extensive range of courses for study.

The school offers a well-resourced and comfortable working environment providing students with the best possible opportunity to develop intellectually and socially. We hope that the information contained here clearly outlines the high expectations made by Bryntirion and we look forward to helping each one of our students develop their personalities, skills and qualifications in the next few years.

OPTIONS BOOKLET 2024 YEARS 12 & 13 / Llyfryn Opsiynau 2024 Blynyddoedd 12 & 13